30 Minutes Workout

Choose one (1) 30-minute routine

Enjoy pre-built tracks or build your own from the Exercise Menu.

Set #1 (5 min) – One-Year Devotional – Larry Stockstill

Set #2 (15min) – Daily Audio Bible

Set #3 (10 min) – YouVersion Bible Plan

Choose the YouVersion

DESCRIPTION of the YouVersion Bible Plans

This yearlong devotional will help you learn more about the Bible and God’s love. The 365-day reading plan features inspirational passages and insights from a variety of Bible versions and devotional books. These daily readings will provide you with wisdom and encouragement as you explore God’s Word each day.

Set #1 (15 min) – Using the Through the Word app, listen to the audio commentary & chapter reading of any book in the Bible.

Set #2 (15 min) – Pray, journal, relax in silence, or put on instrumental music/nature sounds. Write down prayers to God and what you feel the Holy Spirit may be saying to you.

Set #1 (10 min) – Worship – Listen to two (2) worship songs of your choice on your favorite playlist

Set #2 (10 min) – Word – Read a chapter from any New Testament book.

Set #3 (10 min) – Prayer – Sit quietly and meditate on what you have read and have a free-flowing conversation with the Lord.